I print onto both cut sheet and roll paper, and all Canson Infinity papers are priced at the same rate, Arches Aquarelle, Lyve canvas and Phototex wallpaper have different pricing.

Printing is priced according to the size of the paper used, rolls are in increments of 10cm.  To work out the cost of your print, follow the simple steps at the bottom of this page - or call me and I'll work it out for you!

Print price includes basic print file preparation, which includes re-sizing, adding white borders or gallery wrap mirror borders, setting resolution and colour space. 

Other optional services are charged at hourly rates, with a 30 minute minimum. If you are interested in any of these, contact me for an estimate:

  • Preparation of multiple files for printing and trimming prints
  • Consultation and image processing in Photoshop or Lightroom, e.g. all corrections, enhancements, retouching, restoration, etc. 


Canvas and Print Finishing

Breathing Color Lyve Canvas is available in 44in (111.8cm) rolls only.  It is priced at a premium of 15% higher than our standard pricelist.  

For canvasses and prints that will be displayed without glass, I recommend the addition of a protective finishing spray. The Hahnemuhle Protective Spray seals the printed surface and protects it from dirt, fingerprints and moisture. It increases the water resistance of prints and protects images from fading caused by UV rays. The spray is completely transparent and has no influence whatsoever on the original colours of the print.  I use up to five separate light coats of spray to ensure a professional finish.

  • For media up to 61x60cm:  $35
  • For media 61x70 up to 111.8x100:  $50
  • For media larger than 111.8x100:   $65


Phototex Peel-and-stick Wallpaper

The amazing Phototex is available in rolls of 61cm (24in) or 91.4cm (36in).  It is printed in lots of half a meter (50cm), to a maximum of three meters:

  • 61cm roll: $45 per 50cm
  • 91.4cm roll: $65 per 50cm.


How to calculate print size and price:

  • Decide the dimensions of the final printed area. You aren't limited to standard sizes like A3 or 20x16 inches - I can handle all shapes and I work happily in cm, mm, and inches! (Yes, my wonderful Epson printers are imported and are in inches, and so are the papers!)

  • Your print must have some white border (I don't print borderless), and you should allow at least 5mm around the printed area for framing, but you may want a border of 10cm or more. Don't worry if your file doesn't have a white border, I can add it for you, just let me know how wide you want it. Be aware if you ask for something to be printed on cut sheet (A3 or A4), the print will be smaller than the sheet size.
    So add the white border to your print area dimensions (remember to add it to all four sides!).

  • Check your total dimensions against the price list and find the smallest size that will fit your print.
    As a guide, if both dimensions of the print including border are greater than 61cm, you will need to print on 44in (111.8cm) roll, but if one side is less than 61cm, it will fit on a 24in (61cm) roll.

Here's an example...

If I want a print to measure 65x40cm, with a 5cm white border, the total dimensions work out to 75cm (65+5+5) x 50cm (40+5+5).  That size will fit onto a 24in (61cm) roll, and will need a length of 80cm (70cm would be too small), which will cost $96.